The entrance to the business will inform you of every specialized product or service we can provide you with. From tyres, oils, to more specialized service and products such as high quality nudge bars, suspensions, top of the range lights and alarm systems. We not only provide you with these products, but install them with great care and superior workmanship.

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On this Land Rover Defender we did a HID headlight upgrade, a LED spotlight fitment and wiring.

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On this Toyota Fortuner we did a snorkel fitment with an MAXXIS tyre and wheel combo upgrade.

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On this Ford Ranger we did a fender upgrade, snorkel fitment, RACE CHIP installation, a IRONMAN 4x4 replacement bumper, LED spotlight fitment and wiring, rearview camera installation, front suspension lift and a MAXXIS tyre combo.

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On this Extreme Toyota Legend 45 we did the following: RHINO 4x4 front replacement bumper, full IRONMAN 4x4 suspension, IRONMAN 4x4 roofrack, IRONMAN 4x4 winch, Bassons Auto Centre duel battery system, RACE CHIP installation, twin jerry can holders with two jerry cans, Bassons Auto Centre custom front grill, bonnet protector, front door wind deflectors, front LED bar on bumper, top LED bars on roofrack, HID headlight upgrade, Bassons Auto Centre custom powder coated sidebars, rollbar and rear bumper.

On this Toyota HILUX we did a rear step plate bumper.

On this Extreme Volkswagen Amarok we did the following: IRONMAN 4x4 full suspension, snorkel fitment, side rock sliders, front bonnet protector, HID headlight upgrade, HID spotlight fitment and Bassons Auto Centre custom spotlight bracket, LED bar light on roof with custom brackets, roofrack, escape gear seat covers, RACE CHIP installation, custom grill, Bassons Auto Centre nudgebar, vehicle entertainment centre installation, fender flair upgrade and huge set of 22inch wheels.

On this Land Rover Discovery we did a snorkel fitment, LED spotlight installation and roofrack LED.

On this Volkswagen Amarok we did a RHINO 4x4 front bumper replacement fitment.

On this Volkswagen Amarok we did a nudgebar with custom PDC fitment, sidebar installation and barlight fitment.

On this Land Rover Discovery we did a full IRONMAN 4x4 suspension, LED bar light fitment on roofrack and snorkel fitment.

On this Volkswagen Amarok we did a Bassons Auto Centre spotlight bracket and LED spotlights.

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On this IZUZU we did the following: MCC 4x4 front replacement bumper, refirbished 20inch wheels, fender flair upgrade and LED with spotlight fitment.

On this Panel Van we did a rear view monitoring camera.

One of our newest products is our OEM vehichle entertainment centre's.

These are some of Bassons Auto Centre upgrades.

These are some of Bassons Auto Centre light upgrades.


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